About yoga with Louise

About yoga with Louise

Yoga & breath – for your health and balance

Yoga & breath – for your health and balance

I am Louise Timm and I have been teaching yoga in Copenhagen for the last 16 years. To me yoga and movement holds the potential to transform you and your wellbeing. Moving, breathing, and doing yoga on a regular basis opens the door for you to find inner balance and inner peace with yourself.

The classes and workshops I teach can be practiced regardless of your flexibility or ability to touch your toes.

In my classes I pay attention to what we show up with. I focus on the needs the body has both physically and mentally and I pay attention to breath and movement. I love teaching a variety of people from all walks of life and I love how ones we get on the mat to move, breathe and yoga your body starts telling you its story, needs and wishes. Together we will explore, laugh, move, challenge ourselves, rest and share time together as a group and community.

Yoga and breath

What I offer

psoas yoga flow

Deep nourishing movements and explorations that grounds you and your senses. The class will combine breath awareness and a juicy flow where your body will be supported and you will feel supported throughout the class. All which invites you to feeL in touch how you are.


A yoga class which focus on balance, strength, core, breath awareness and flexibility in hips and pelvis , the class is for men onlyYoga for men.

Creating work life balance at work, with yoga asanas, movement and explorations. Focus is breath awareness, juicy flow of yoga postures and less stress in the body. In a safe setting together with your colleagues.

Yoga WorkshopsEach workshop has a different theme. My workshops don’t require any knowledge of yoga or
movement only requires an open and curious mind.

Pregnancy yoga

Full and gentle awareness on you,  your baby and your body. The pregnancy class will focus on how to move and use yoga postures to your advance and benefit when you are pregnant. Each week I will lay the foundation for you to feel in touch with your breath and your body. So you feel your strength, your body and inner wisdom and know you can do safely when pregnant. We move in a juicy yogaflow. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Awareness on how to move and use yoga postures to advance and benefit when you are pregnant. There will be a focus on your breath, your strength, your body, and what you can do safely when pregnant. We move in a juicy yoga flow.

Yoga for Women

Full awareness on life with a baby. The class will focus on your core, balance, stability in joints, strength and a regaining of your breath and regaining of your awareness of your body, pelvis, hips and back.  Baby is with you when we do yoga. You are welcome when baby is 7 weeks old.

A private class is created from the need and wishes you have for your body and the balance you seek to find in your life. Contact me for a private class:

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rebozo treatmentA treatment for you, your baby and your pregnant body. The treatment focuses on grounding and restoring your balance in your pelvis, hips and legs. Leaving you with a sense of more space, space in your body, space for your breath and taking a breath, making baby feel like he/she has more space in your womb. The treatment is a good supplement for preparing the body, the breath and the mind for labour&birth.


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