Welcome to Yoga with Louise

Welcome to Yoga with Louise

Yoga in Copenhagen

Find your balance on & off the yogamat.

I offer yoga classes, workshops & retreats.

Yoga in Copenhagen

Find your balance on & off the yogamat.

I offer yoga classes, workshops & retreats.

I offer

Yoga for men

A Yoga class for men only, focusing & working on balance, strength, healthy hip, and breathing awareness. I offer weekly yoga classes for men only in Copenhagen.

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psoas yoga flow


Yoga Psoas flow class focuses on our connection with our body, heart, hands and mind. Through gentle movements, through a yogaflow and an awareness on your breath we move together. Everyone is welcome.

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Create balance,optimal health & energy for your employees with a weekly yogaclass at your company. All yoga classes are created based on your needs and in dialogue with you & your employees. If you want to learn and know more, please contact me: mail@yogawithlouise.dk

Yoga Workshops

I teach workshops all year round. To me a workshop is where we can dive deep. Having the time to practice and understand these amazing tools that yoga, movement and psoas flow is. Join workshops with a potion of  curiosity to move, to feel the body, to be your body and to take the time to immerse yourself and do something nourishing for you.

In 2024 I will offer workshops for women in peri – menopause and  menopause.

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Yoga for Women

Postnatal yoga focuses on your body after becoming a mum. Your body needs to be treated gently and lovingly, and your body needs to feel good so that you have the energy to be there for your baby. In my classes, I focus on yoga, movement and connecting with your breath. The focus is on your hips, your belly, your core, your balance and your strengths as you balance a new everyday life with baby.

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Private classes: If you wish to deepen you awareness of yoga and how it can benefit you and your health. I have experience teaching both men and women.  Email me: mail@yogawithlouise.dk if you want to know more or write to me in the contact form.

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Pregnancy yoga

A pregnancy yoga class focuses on strengthening your body through yogaposes, breathing and deep awareness on how you move wisely. Pregnancy yoga is all and especially for women with neck and shoulder soreness, neck tension and back pain.

The yoga programme is also good if you experience soreness in your lower back, spine and a lack of energy.

Yoga for pregnant women is beneficial if you feel stressed and tired, and is for anyone who wants to spend time bonding with their baby and body during pregnancy. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

I offer pregnancy yoga in Østerbro – Copenhagen.

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This treatment is pure nourishment for you & your body.

To be held – To be supported. You and your nervous system will experience the sweetness of simply being held and supported, without any agenda for what you should do. Your wise body’s need for deep rest and for a supported break and pause from the daily life is what Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy also offers. This treatment is for anyone who wants to support the wellbeing of their health, breath and body. It is a treatment where the body get to speaks its language.

It is also for anyone who experience headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain – and for those who have a feeling of restlessness and trouble sleeping.

Your investment: 675 DKK – 60 mins. treatment

All treatments takes place at Østerbro – Copenhagen. Contact and book treatment here: the contact form.

rebozo treatment

Rebozo is a gentle treatment with a scarf that is wrapped around your body, hips, pelvis and lower back.
With the rebozo scarf and my hands, I gently rock and give a supported stretch to the body, hips and pelvis.

The treatment itself, has a focus on creating space in your body, it focusing on your well-being and provides you with a sense of deeper connecting to your body and your baby. 

I have extensive experience using the rebozo scarf to relieve soreness in the lower back, pelvis and hips. 

A treatment begin with a short chat to get an overview of your needs and end with a deep relaxation.

I was one of the first to co – organize Spinning babies workshops in DK. And I have helped organize numerous spinningbabies.com workshops for professionals at various hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark.

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